15 Point Gas Furnace Maintenance and Safety Check Includes:

  1.  Check and Adjust Thermostat
  2.  Clean and Adjust All Safety Controls
  3.  Clean Burners
  4.  Clean and Adjust Pilot Assembly
  5.  Adjust Burners For Peak Operating Efficiency
  6. Check For Gas Leaks
  7. Lubricate Moving Parts
  8. Check Belt and Adjust Tension
  9. Check Filters
  10. Check Vent Pipe For Proper Vent
  11. Check Fan Control
  12. Check Manifold Pressure
  13.  Check For Cracked Heat Exchanger
  14. Check Temperature Rise
  15.  Check Complete Furnace Cycle

15 Point Air Conditioning Maintenance And Safety Check Includes

  1.  Install Gauges and Check Operating Pressures
  2. Check Voltage and Amperage To All Motors
  3.  Check Temperature Difference Across Evaporator Coil
  4. Check  For Refrigerant Charge and Leaks
  5. Lubricate All Moving Parts
  6. Check Belt & Adjust Tension (If Applicable)
  7. Check Filters
  8.  Check Pressure Switch Cut-Out Settings
  9. Check Start Capacitor and Potential Relay
  10. Check Compressor Contractor
  11. Check All Wiring and Electrical Connections
  12. Check Thermostat
  13. Check Condensing Oil
  14. Check That Condensate Drain is Open
  15. Turn Exposed Dampers To Cooling Position